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Fine-Tune Open Source LLMs and run them anywhere

Haven lets you build specialized LLMs that run on your laptop, in your private cloud, or any inference service
of your choice. Get started today and fine-tune your first model for free.

A better alternative to ChatGPT

Take control of your AI apps

To build AI apps, you shouldn't have to depend on a single company. We help you fine-tune open source models to match the performance of ChatGPT. Once you're happy with your fine-tuned model, you can deploy entirely on your terms.

Outperform ChatGPT.
Small, fine-tuned models consistently outperform ChatGPT on specialized tasks. Our LLM training platform is built to help you get there.
Export and run anywhere.
You can export your fine-tuned models and run them anywhere, no matter if that is on AWS, on-premise or your own laptop.
No ML skills required.
We want to enable everyone to build with open source LLMs. Training a model with Haven doesn't require code or setting up GPU infrastructure.
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Ready to build?
Fine-tune your first model for free.

Sign up and get $5 in credits. If you have any questions, you can directly schedule a call with us.